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The Sensational Leighs

Leigh Heisinger and daughter Robin

Performing on "The Original Giant Space Wheel"

The Original Giant Space Wheel

The First and the Finest!

Leigh attended Florida State University where he took part in the unique collegiate student activity, FSU's "Flying High Circus," eventually performing as the catcher on the flying trapeze act. As graduation approached, Leigh tried to interest some acrobatic friends, one of which was this site's webmaster, to join him in purchasing a trapeze apparatus and to fly to him professionally. When that attempt failed, undaunted, Leigh purchased the space wheel from it's inventor Clay Beckett and originated the act as a single in 1961 after graduation from FSU. In 1962 Nancy joined the act making her the first woman and the two of them the first couple to do a performance on the wheel. They performed all over the world for over twenty-five years until splitting up in April of 1985. In July 1, 1985, the act opened in Gothenberg, Sweden with the female part being taken up by Leigh and Nancy's daughter Robin. Leigh and Robin continued the act together for another fifteen years until Leigh's retirement at the end of the season in August 2000.

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